Our focus is on the emotional and physical well being of the individual, which we try to maintain and improve.

A crisis should be taken care of by a professional who has the skills and knowledge to efficiently help the patient when needed.
We try to find out the reasons for our patients` crises and will then offer the necessary treatment immediately, such as cognitive behavioral therapy or, if needed, use of short term medication.
The decision about medication will only be taken together with the patient and after extensive discussion about alternative options.
At our place the doctor works hand in hand with the psychologist so that the treatment can be adjusted or extended if required.

Our main focus is on offering cognitive behavioral therapy, psychological evaluation and ‚mindfulness- based stress reduction‘ (MBSR). These therapeutic methods are fully covered by patients` Swiss health insurance policies and some international policies aswell.

By December 2017 onwards we can also offer appointments with a nutrition specialist, which needs to be paid directly as it is not covered by the insurance so far.

Also we are very happy to introduce – as one of the only medical offices in CH – the treatment of specific anxiety/phobia (eg fear of flying) with „Virtual Reality Simulation“.

We extend a warm welcome to you and would be happy to assist you in your personal development offering support, resources, and a safe place to share your concerns.